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2pax@$99 T30-Tufting Rugs (30x 30cm)

Duration: 2Hrs

Service Description

Beginners suggest patterns with simple lines and colours for the first time. If there are still holes after teaching, we do not provide an extra canvas for replacement. Our professionals will also estimate the restoration rate according to the damage level and fill the holes. To ensure everyone's workshop experience and the environment, each frame can only be completed by two people at most, and each frame will only be equipped with one tufting gun. To ensure that you can finish your work on the same day, please DM us the confirmed picture or photo one day in advance, we will help to outline it in advance to ensure that you will not spend extra time. If you fail to send advance one hour before your booking, we will calculate the tracing time to the booking time. The same as above, if you can't arrive on time, the late time is also counted in the booking time. 新手宝宝们建议第一次线条,颜色简单的图案,若教学后仍有破洞情况,我们不提供换布,我们专业人员也会根据损坏程度估计还原率,进行补洞。 为了能提供给大家一个体验感以及体验环境, 每个框最多2人共同完成,每个框架配备1把枪。 为了保证大家能够当天完成作品,提前一天把确认好的图案发送给客服,我们会提前描线确保大家不会花费多余的时间,未能提前1个小时发图片的, 我们会从预定时间里计算描线时间。 以上同理,若不能准时到达,迟到时间也是计算在预约时间内, 还望各位不要迟到哦!

Cancelation Policy

Please read up on our policies carefully.

Contact Details

  • 729 North Bridge Road, Singapore


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