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Care & Maintenance

Tufted rugs are naturally without knots as loops of yarn are pulled through the canvas using a tufting gun. However, tufted rugs shed more than other rugs and may require more frequent vacuuming.


Common Occurrences



Fluffing is a natural occurrence in tufted rugs, which will gradually disappear over time with hand brushing and vacuuming. 


Sprouting (Loose threads)

Sprouting in tufts is common too. Cut protruding threads with scissors instead of pulling them out to avoid damaging the entirety of tufted rugs


Indents & Marks

Placing heavy furniture on your tufted rugs can leave indents and even marks. 

Occasionally rearranging the furniture and the rug helps to distribute stress on it. To get a more even exposure to sunlight and wear, we recommend that you rotate the rug regularly.


Preventive Maintenance

• Hand brush or vacuum regularly (We recommend once a week)

• Remove spills and stains immediately, dry with an undyed cloth

• Avoid using strong chemicals to remove stains

• Avoid using in damp areas

• Do not soak in water

• Do not dry clean

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